About us


Positano Travelling offers you the possibility to go thru a dreaming experience on the enchanting territories of the Amalfi coast, operating not only on the Positano coast areas, but on the entire italian territory.

We have been operating for over thirty years basing our experience on a few but essential points : efficiency, availability and punctuality, combined with the effectiveness of a staff that has a perfect knowledge of the english language and a almost familiar cordiality.

This staff, born and grown up here in Positano, pearl of the coast, is able to get for you good information and advices about places that

you should absolutely visit, on charming local restaurants and boutiques, giving you the chance to deeply know the richness of the area.

We give you the possibility to spend enchanting days in some areas of the territory, allowing you to get the feeling thru the flavors, the traditions and the prestigious events here performed, all this thru our tours; or to reach every seaport, airport or site that you wish to visit travelling with the complete comfort of our transfers.

Answering to any of your desire, we will pledge to satisfy it in the best way ran-ding your holiday even more special going across this fascinating and heavenly lands

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