A charming jump in the past will be possible thanks to the tour which will get you to know the ancient sites of Pompeii and Ercolano, locations which ruins attract tourists, historians and artists.

PompeiiPompeii, holds two faces rich and opposite: a new city, born around the imposing sanctuary. The real wealth of the place is certainly in the old Pompeii, town completely buried during the Vesuvio’s eruption happened in 79 a.D., and only discovered in the 1500th during the construction of an aqueduct.

To visit Pompeii is not only to admire the structures and to know the every day life of ancient people, but it is literally to walk inside the past, to touch it with your own hands, to live over again days so far from us.

Absolutely to visit is the site of “Villa dei Misteri”, an ancient roman villa situated not too far from the ruins.

The charme of the villa stays lays in the many fresco of which, still today, the meaning it hasn’t been understood: all the fresco represent a young woman that gets initiated to a cult, but still remains the mystery of what kind of rite is about, it is a mystery able to give a strong feeling of subjection to whoever visits the villa.

ercolanoThe same scary eruption that ended Pompeii’s people , also buried the enchanting town of Ercolano, a town which birth it has always been tight up to enchanting legends. It says, in fact, that the name given to the town would come from the Hercules myth, the only human who became immortal after drinking divine milk.

Today famous all over the world for its historical and rich ruins, visiting Ercolano you will walk thru the famous pattern of the ”golden mile”, a road strewn by many Vesuvius villas which you would remain enchanted.

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