Mozzarella Tour


20130715_125546_positano_travelling_car_service_amalfi_coastAfter having known the fascinating and unreal aspect of the ancient Paestum, the second visit to the territory it would be directed to satisfy your palate, thru a tour that you would get you to know the best cheese factory of the area.

It would be possible to know the constancy, the task and the passion necessary to bring the mozzarella to a level of excellence, starting from where the buffalo are kept, to pass afterword to the factory and see the various phases of the production.

You can not leave this earth without have tasted the product, its genuine taste of hardened by the artisanal realization.

bufala_positano_travelling_car_service_amalfi_coast Lavorazione mozzarella mozzarella-di-bufala-treccia_ok_positano_travelling_car_service_amalfi_coast

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